Roger Bricknell

Trustee and Secretary
Roger Bricknell

About Roger

Roger is a Trustee and Secretary.

For 34 years Roger was a Flight Engineer with BOAC/BA flying VC10 and 25 years flying Concorde. For the last ten years he was also a Flight Operations Senior Manager responsible for Operational Standards Audit on all BA aircraft and the airlines BA had an interest in.

At one point in his career Roger became the Chairman of a British trade union which represented 30,000 Merchant Navy and Airline Officers and from this he became the chairman of an international association of flight engineers.

As well as being a Trustee to Midhurst Palliative Care, Roger is also a Trustee and Secretary for The Friends of Midhurst Community Hospital and the Riverbank Medical Centre. He accepted the role as Trustee using his expertise in the set-up of the new charity and to ensure the financial management from Macmillan was successful.

He is a family man and an active freemason, which also involves being a trustee for one of their charities.