Our history 

There has been a specialist palliative care service in Midhurst for over 30 years which has supported thousands of people requiring palliative or end of life care in their place of choice. With your help we will continue to do so for at least the next 30 years.

Originally based in the King Edward VII hospital, it moved to its current home when the hospital closed. Since its inception it has supported thousands of people requiring palliative or end of life care ensuring that they have a good quality of life in their preferred location.

The way the care is offered is pioneering, developing an important model for end of life care which has directly influenced the development of many similar services around the UK.

Since we started we have supported thousands of patients

Macmillan Cancer Support will continue to provide funding to the service up to Spring 2023. It is testament to the success and value of this service that Macmillan opted to keep the funding going for so long, which is far longer than their normal funding model.

Although the way the palliative care service receives funding is changing, the service's name and provision remains exactly the same.  

The Midhurst Macmillan Service launched a new charitable arm in 2021, Midhurst Palliative Care to ensure the continuity of the service. The purpose of this charity is to raise funds to cover the proportion of the money that Macmillan historically provided.

Macmillan remain involved in our activity – they work alongside Midhurst Palliative Care offering expertise, guidance and support. The professionals within our service remain Macmillan badged with all the same access to training resources, networks and support as before.

All donations made to Midhurst Palliative Care exclusively fund the Midhurst Macmillan Service..

With your help we can fund the service for at least the next 30 years

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